Free script writing software for Windows


There are a lot of people who love to write but often fail because of the lack of a good environment. A useful file management tool is required when you need to write a complete script for your next project. There are several free tools available for writers, but most of them don’t allow people to do what y writer Is. yWriter is a free scripting and scripting tool for Windows, packed with unique and useful features that help you get your work done quickly. Let’s take a look at the important features and workflow of this app.

y writer

There are many features included in this tool, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Chapter management: Most tools don’t allow people to create a chapter. They just allow users to create different files for different scenes. However, yWriter allows people to create a chapter.
  • Character management: If you are writing a book that has characters in it, you can manage them accordingly using this tool.
  • Location management: It’s mainly for them, who often write screenplays for movies or dramas. You can manage the locations where you are about to go to make your script real.
  • One-click backup: If you want to change computers between writes, you can save your file, move it to another computer, and start over.

Apart from them, you can get a detailed report of each scene, a feature-rich panel for writing text, an option to manage goals and times, and much more.

Free script writing software for Windows

To get started with this script writing software, download it and install it on your machine. After opening you will find a window like this-

The first thing to do is to create a project. To do this, go to Project> New Project Wizard. Then you will have to go through some options to enter the project title, author name, save location, etc.

Free yWriter scripting and scripting tool for Windows

In the second step, you need to create a chapter. This is very useful when you are writing a book. You can easily manage all parts of your book. To generate a chapter, go to Chapter> Create a new chapter. Here you have to enter the name and description of the chapter. After creating the chapter (s), you may want to write some text for that chapter. Therefore, you can create a new scene, which can be found at Scene> Create a new scene.

Free yWriter scripting and scripting tool for Windows

Here you can write whatever you want. While it doesn’t come with a bullet or digital dots option (which isn’t very useful for a screenwriter), you can get other basic features like cut-copy-paste, bold / italic / underlined / strikethrough, etc. On the same panel, you will find options to manage characters, locations, items, etc. It is also possible to add notes, times, notes, etc.

After that, whenever you need to find the character that you used to create a scene, you can select the scene in Scenes panel and navigate to other tabs to check how many slots you’ve used or which character you’ve written in that scene.

Hope this simple tool will help you manage your next project without any hassle. If you want, you can download from here.

Free yWriter scripting and scripting tool for Windows

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